Ridesurf was born by an idea to monetized frequent long distance trips that I was taking during my college days. The idea was cultivated and coached by several start-up groups services at Orlando and the University of Central Florida. From the beginning I worked the idea from scratch and created a structured plan to developed the application. This is by far my biggest ambition yet, for a project in which I am very proud of.

The Web Application (Laravel)

was designed in Laravel PHP and MySQL database hosted in a VM instance of Ubuntu. Ridesurf was developed following the structure of the laravel contention with the controllers and following a CRUD collection, and the respective REST calls for (index, create, store, edit, update, delete) and with Blade and VueJS 2

Ionic Mobile Application

Develop a hybrid mobile application with Ionic 3 using Lazy load and push notifications. Also integrated the Facebook SKD to make Login and store information, PayPal SDK to take payments and make payouts and Google SDK to make routes and create algorithms.